Our Tiny Stay In Saskatoon

2 minute read

Our first destination in Canada was the Pleasure-Way headquarters in Saskatoon.

We are getting some warranty work done in Saskatoon at the Pleasure Way headquarters. This is our first taste of a City in Canada. When we mentioned this was our first stop the border crossing guard suggested we skip it. We didn’t go into why we were coming here but we didn’t expect much. It turned out to be fine…

While we were in town we needed to get some laundry done. We regularly check crime maps and various other resources to get a sense of where we should settle down in a city. Now that we are in Canada some of our resources and tools we use online are not available. So it wasn’t until we looked on forums later that evening that we learned we had dropped our laundry off in the worst part of town. It was kind of obvious while we were there but the internet confirmed we should not spend a lot of time over near our laundry.

We worked from the hotel provided to us while we stayed for the warranty work. We also worked at a Starbucks right down the road. The people here are so friendly. A sweet girl named Sheila started chatting up Alex about what she was working on and asking all about our little adventure. This was not the first time a random stranger had engaged us in conversation since we crossed over into Canada. You can immediately tell folks here are friendly and engaging.

I do believe we’ll be back.