Pleasure Way Warranty Experience - Round Two

7 minute read

It was not our original plan to visit the Pleasure Way headquarters. We noticed some defects in our paint several weeks after owning our new RV. They weren’t terrible but we were concerned it would be a factor for resale. As luck would have it Pleasure-Way Industries is only slightly out of the way towards Alaska. We scheduled a visit and boy are we glad we did…

The Problem

We had a pleasant experience with Pleasure Way before. Having come from a different brand of RV I’m always skeptical of Warranties. I did not have a good experience with my previous RV and the warranty folks with that RV tried every which way to wiggle out of any obligation. I was often stuck with the bill for faulty parts, labor, and materials. Even after having a good experience with Pleasure way already I wasn’t convinced they wouldn’t try to find a way out of covering paint issues.

The worst part of this entire experience happened on the way to Pleasure Way. In Las Vegas we noticed someone had backed into our coach leaving some black scuffs on the bumper. That always pisses you off and you wish you could catch the person. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me the first day we saw the damage but Alex pointed out a day later that the marks on our bumper were under the paint defects. The paint defects were on the “back” of the coach up towards the middle and the scuff on the bumper was low by the lights. We couldn’t be sure if someone had hit us before or after our paint was damaged. We’ve been with our coach almost the whole time we’ve had it so we can’t be sure when it happened.

We had already scheduled with Pleasure Way to come visit and they specifically asked over the phone if we had hit anything. We said “No”. And now we looked like we were dishonest.

This kind of scenario sickens me because you can understand why a company would deny a warranty claim in this scenario. Alex and I debated all day about what to do.

  • “Will they turn us away?”
  • “Will they think we lied?”
  • “Are we going to have to spend a few thousand to have this fixed ourselves?”
  • “Why does the paint tear on a tiny impact?”

I just assumed the worst: They will see the damage to the lower part of the bumper and blame that damage for the paint defects. The paint defects were well above the impact on the bumper but Alex and I could not be certain in what order everything happened.

We decided to move forward and visit the HQ anyway. If Pleasure Way was willing to fix the paint maybe we could file an insurance claim against the bumper. If Pleasure Way denied the entire Warranty work due to the bumper damage we’d just have to eat it and pay. Sometimes life isn’t fair.

Our Visit To HQ

Our experience was nothing, “NOTHING”, like I expected. For starters, they greeted us, looked at the paint defects, and within ten minutes our coach was being driven to the paint shop. They paid all our expenses for the couple of days we were in town and put us in a nice hotel. They offered to give us a tour of the HQ and showed us all around the plant. We got to see first hand the kind of quality that goes into each coach.

During our tour they were frequently updating us about our coach. Within an hour they found us again and pointed out they noticed someone had poked our bumper. They did not assume anything. They didn’t try to get out of the work. They didn’t accuse us of anything.

These guys were incredibly friendly and professional. You could immediately feel that it was their intention to stand behind their products. They are proud of what they build. After three days we received a call and all the work was complete. They fixed our paint AND they fixed our bumper. We had them tighten some screws and fix a few seals as well. Everything was perfect and the coach looked great.

We may get a bigger coach after this year but I gotta say - Pleasure Way has set the bar really high. I don’t know what we’ll do next…