Sand Fest 2017

3 minute read

Decided to take my boy down to Port A to the 2017 Sandfest. This is a festival where talented sand sculptors come together and build amazing pieces of art. They do all this right on the beach in the sand.

A friend of mine is a practicing table magician and sand sculptor. He’s really talented in both of those crafts and it’s always fun to watch him work. This year he was running some of the events at Sandfest instead of participating.

There are different levels of talent at the event. From kids to master-sculptors; all sorts of different artists come to participate. I thought it would be cool for Carter to see and maybe even participate in some of the events.

We decided to take the RV and camp right on the beach. We knew fully this would mean sand was going to get everywhere but sometimes it’s worth it. Alex drove down a few hours before I did and was able to get us a spot within 40 yards of the entrance. Carter and myself came down as soon as he got out of school.

It was ridiculously windy but The location was amazing. We were twenty steps from the beach, thirty steps from the water, and 50 yards from the front entrance to SandFest.

We took it easy the first night and got some rest. Mid-morning we headed over to the event. They had an area where instructors would come teach the kids techniques. I sat down with Carter for a couple hours and we built some sand castles.

Eventually we headed back to the RV to cool off. Flipped on the generator and ran the AC for a bit. Then we packed up a wagon and spent the rest of the day running up-and-down the surf. Carter and I used the shrimp gun to find little shrimp. Carter loves throwing them up and letting the birds eat them.

The third day we stayed for a little bit to see the final sculptures. It had rained a little bit and the wind knocked down a few. The final products were really cool.

Carter had a great time and I have a feeling we will be back.