Dallas For The Weekend

3 minute read

Spent the weekend boondocking in Dallas to visit some friends. One of my best friends purchased a house years ago. I managed to see him a couple times but never made it to his place. It was time to change that.

I have this group of friends from college that all moved through the years to Dallas, TX. When the economy crashed in 2002 it made the following years for non-tech jobs in Austin, TX pretty rough. We all stayed close but the years have made it more-and-more difficult to find excuses to run into each other. Even still, every time we hang out it is like no time has been lost. They are GREAT life-long friends and I cherish any time we get to spend together.

My buddy’s new house is in a pretty nice part of town. It happens to be right next to my high school. I was going to show Alex our high school but it never happened. We spent most of the weekend relaxing. The first night we met everyone in a bar. After many drinks and lots of good conversation - we all got some rest. The next day, I convinced my buddy to let us hook up our VR Headset to his super amazing wicket movie room.

The friends we stayed with have an amazing taste of food. It had been a while since we ate as good as we did this weekend. When we were too lazy to go anywhere Saturday night, we ordered in pizza from a place called Olive Oil’s. On Sunday they introduced us to a place called Yoshi Shabu Shabu (Japanese for ‘swish swish’). It was Japanese Hot Pot and a fun experience. We got to cook our chosen raw meats in our own pots of boiling water and dip them in homemade sauces. Everything was delicious and the three gentlemen assisting us were quiet friendly and educational.

We literally spent the rest of the weekend playing video games and watching TV. It was really relaxing and we got to spend some quality time together. What a great experience!