Window Shopping

4 minute read

Alex and I regularly talk about what we’re going to do as we finish all our aggressive travel. One idea is to move into a large RV (again). We aren’t sure yet but we sometimes look around.

What’s next? We’re going to travel for a year. Maybe more. Then what? A house? An apartment in downtown Austin, TX again? A foreign country? The more we travel the more I want to travel. I haven’t yet reached the point where I want to settle down.

I am in an interesting spot. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility but I can’t stray too far. My son is young and he lives in Austin, TX. I want to spend lots of time with him while he’ll still have me. Soon he’ll be a teenager and won’t want anything to do with his parents. With that in mind, it’s important that I balance the travel with being home a reasonable amount of time.

The above constraint is what makes RV’s so appealing. I can leave for bits of time and not be locked into a specific location. Even though I love our current RV it won’t be practical for long. I’ll need space for Carter soon if we are going to continue this lifestyle. Right now we stay in lots of hotels.

After this year we are considering a different kind of travel. We think we might slow down a bit. Big Diesel Pusher RV’s require a lot for energy and work to move around. Lots of cabinets to check. You have to make sure your destination is locked in. You need to be mentally acute and sharp and keep your focus on the road. Wrong turns can lead to a mess.

There are upsides also. Mainly - space and water tanks. The irony is that you’d spend a lot more time on hookups in the big coaches so water tanks aren’t as big of a deal. In either case, we sometimes consider a bigger coach might be next. We stopped by a huge motorhome dealer located south of Ft. Worth, TX called MHSRV.

We walked all the different brands and I think we’ve discovered our next brand if we go big. EntegraCoach looks like a really great build. I spent a ton of time looking into the company and it looks like a lot of the original guys from Travel Supreme went over to Entegra. The internet seems to really like their product and it sounds like the company’s follow through and post-sale-support has been fantastic.