Winegard Power HD Antenna Repair

3 minute read

Our RV came with a Winegard Power HD Antenna. We did not try to turn it on for several weeks. We watch TV very infrequently. We were surprised to find out it didn’t work when we first tried to use it.

We purchased the RV at Giant RV in California. They did a decent job showing us everything about the RV. We were not immediately familiar with the Winegard product. The TV displayed channels during our orientation. Additionally, the Winegard lights blinked and lights flashed. We did not realize the blinky lights and the message on the screen actually meant “Error”.

In addition to our TV Antenna not working, we were getting exhausted slamming our exterior door all the time. Little things like this aren’t really a big deal on RV’s. Over time little things can add up. When you have a problem with your door, it is something you use every day and it’s hard to convince yourself you need to slam it with all your might to close it.

We scheduled an appointment with Ron Hoover RV and within a day we got into their service department. They ordered a warranty replacement for the Antenna. They quickly adjusted our exterior door.

I was a little concerned they would think we broke the Antenna or door since it had been several weeks. Boy was I wrong. Both Pleasure-Way and Winegard didn’t give us a hard time at all. They were both very thorough and did what they could to get us fixed up. The entire experience was really positive. To be candid, this was counter to everything I’ve seen in the RV industry so I was a bit skeptical.

Could Pleasure-Way (the company) be one of the few decent companies left on this planet that stand by their products?

So far.. yes!