Stopping At La Mesa RV

3 minute read

Traveling around as aggressively as we currently are is something we only plan to do for about a year. After that year it’s hard to figure out what’s next. I can’t see myself buying into another home right now. I also don’t want to squat in another apartment. I would get restless almost immediately.

We are very happy with our tiny RV. It makes travel convenient and easy. I have a whole list of reasons why I prefer this size RV. That doesn’t stop us from window shopping.

Our next step might be moving up to a large RV. If a large RV is in our future then we are strongly considering a coach from EntegraCoach. I’m always poking around on RVTrader. We pulled over to sleep and I noticed a couple used coaches we might be interested in a little further down the road at La Mesa RV.

I have read about La Mesa RV at several places on the internet. Unfortunately, I generally do not read good things. I do not believe these mega dealerships truly recognize how important their after-the-sale reputation is. I have a list of RV dealerships I won’t be using based purely on other folks experiences. One place I keep reading about over-and-over is NIRV. Based purely on their reputation - it is likely they will get my business in the future.

We had a decent experience at La Mesa RV. We had a sales guy following us around the entire experience. He answered all our questions and showed us every coach we wanted to see. The information he provided was extremely biased towards American Coach. He didn’t give us bad information. It was painfully apparent that La Mesa receives aggressive kickbacks from American Coach. They push them hard.

Unfortunately we were there to see Entegra. We’ve already decided the Entegra line will likely be our next coach. High quality build, two year warranty, everyone talks about their great experiences, and we really like what we are hearing about how they handle after-the-sale care. Let’s hope they continue to be a brand people can count on.