Las Vegas Again Venetian/Aria

3 minute read

A friend of ours was turning 40 and it corresponded with our tour to Alaska. We decided to meet them in Las Vegas for a day and hang out at the pool.

Aria Pool

The Aria pool was nice. We had read about it in the past and it was as good as the reviews suggest. They have a private pool for suite guests and then the main pool. We didn’t see any others but the pool area is large.

Aria provides towels at their pool and they have at least one walk-up bar. There may have been others. Girls walk around for service. The waitresses are slow and the service was not great. All the chairs were taken by 11AM. We were lucky enough that our friends were able to put stuff on two chairs before it was too crowded. We hung out in the pool for several hours.

Aria Buffet

By late afternoon it was getting close to the time for our friends to head off to their flight so we all decided to hit up the Aria buffet. Our friends suggested it was one of the better buffets in Vegas. They were correct!

The buffet has a great selection. Plenty of fruit, crab legs, and all the usual sea food. The presentation was simple but the food was delicious.

The dessert bar is also simple. Even still, tons and tons of selection. Overall the experience was great.

The Venetian

We needed to work a little bit so we stayed in the RV most of Monday. I was checking some of my posts and noticed my mother was posting some stuff from Vegas. Turns out she was in town. We stayed a little longer and met her at The Venetian for good drinks and good conversation.

I don’t know how folks in Vegas would refer to the location of The Venetian but I feel like it’s towards the downtown end of the strip. It’s a bit off the beaten path and I don’t go there often. We stopped at a little bar and had some drinks.

The hotel is very pretty and the rooms were massive. I’d probably stay there next time now that I’ve seen the rooms.

We didn’t do any gambling or see any shows. A quick stop on our way to Alaska…