The Prettiest Highway In The US - I-15 N - Spring Time

2 minute read

We’ve had the luxury of traveling to the west coast and the east coast. We are definitely intending to do more and we have not seen it all. However, I keep coming back to the same conclusion. Montana is our prettiest State.

Heading north from Las Vegas towards Alaska allowed us to travel on roads we haven’t traveled yet. Part of this particular journey was through a familiar interstate in Utah. Utah was one of the first places we visited when we started this vandwelling life adventure. Zion National Park is a beautiful place to visit and traveling through the State of Utah is beautiful any time of year.

The latter part of our trek through Idaho and nearly all of Montana reaffirmed my belief about Montana. Mother nature has chosen Montana as her favorite place. Perhaps we got lucky with all the green farm lands and quaint little towns. Maybe it’s only this pretty during the Spring time? All I know is that every where you looked you could tell that these views are intended to be hanging on a wall.

I wonder what folks who live in Montana think when they visit other places? I’d imagine it doesn’t take much for Montana folks to get homesick.