How to Become a Full Time RVer

2 minute read

Some helpful tips for transitioning to RVing full time.

Step One: Commit

The first and perhaps most important step (in my opinion) to taking on the lifestyle we live is to commit your mind to it. If you truly want to do it, you’ll make it happen. Many people say they want to travel and see the world, but are stuck in a position of only being able to take one or maybe two vacations a year. It’s natural to let your apartment and job hold you back. Ben and I were just as guilty of this.

Step Two: Storage

Getting a storage unit as a base of operations is a wonderful supplement to this lifestyle. You can store seasonal gear, important documents, and non-essential belongings. This allows you to travel light.

Ben and myself both use CubeSmart in Austin. They are reasonably priced, have climate controlled units, and online bill pay for automatic payments.

Step Three: Mail

How will we get our mail and packages? Mail forwarding!

Mail forwarding services receive your mail and can be used as a permanent address for things like your drivers license, banks, and insurance. I use iPostal1 for my mail forwarding, and Ben went with an Austin local company called ScanMailboxes.

Both companies offer the same base services. When mail comes in for you, they scan the envelope and upload it to your virtual inbox. You can then decide what you would like to have happen. You can choose to scan the contents, shred/discard it, forward it to another address, or schedule a pick up. While these services are typically included in your monthly subscription, most companies do start to charge for mail stored more than 30 days, so keep that in mind when selecting a company.