KOA Hot Springs National Park

3 minute read

On Monday and Tuesday night while in Hot Springs, we decided to stay at the KOA.

This KOA was just as clean as you would expect of a KOA - which is pretty darn clean. Each RV site was covered in small gravel, so no tracking mud into your coach when it rains! There were conveniently placed trash cans between every two sites as well for quick access to toss your trash. As we’re here in the end of winter, the trees are bare but plentiful. The staff were all very polite, and appeared to love their jobs.


image-left The wifi at this park got a little patchy in the evenings (most likely from everyone watching Netflix), but during the day was more than enough for us to work.


The bathrooms at this KOA were clean, but somewhat out-dated. You can tell they do try to keep them clean and tidy, but they’re about due for an upgrade. While we were there, they were redoing the siding on the outside of the main office building.

This location also has a laundry facility that you access through the bathrooms when the main office is closed. It had three top loading washing machines, and three driers.


There was a small pond on the bottom of the hill that we saw some other campers fishing from. A quick walk around the park revealed some small hiking trails as well. We didn’t get a chance to explore them, but we thought it was pretty neat that they had them. This park is located on a hill, so there are two ‘levels’ to the camp sites. We were on the upper level on the edge so our back view was looking down over the pond and lower level sites. I unfortunately neglected to take a picture of this.