Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return

5 minute read

Ben sent me a link a couple of weeks ago and said “Let’s go here”. Today we did just that and stepped into the alternate dimension that is Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return.

The first thing you notice when pulling up to the museum is the large red robot smelling a flower in the parking lot. Well, maybe the second thing you notice after seeing how crowded the parking lot is. At noon on a Monday the line for general admission was out the door, and the inside was packed. You can pre-purchase tickets if you would like to skip said line. We didn’t bother because the lady outside manning the line had some pretty terrible dad jokes to entertain with. And by terrible I mean awesome.

The big red robot and his flower.

Everywhere you look once inside the doors there is something to see. Even the front lobby has art on the ceilings and walls to view while waiting to go to the main attraction. Admission was $25/person, and you have the option of paying $1 extra for a pair of “light enhancing” glasses. We both decided to get a pair and are glad we did. These glasses are very similar to the paper 3D glasses you get at some theaters or with a code reader toy. If you put them on in any of the rooms with blacklights they “enhance” the colors of the neon lights. Donning them in the arcade behind the house inside gives the walls a 3D appearance.

Once you have paid your admission and have your glasses you are directed down a dark hallway that leads into the museum attraction. Once you go through the door at the end of said hallway the Selig house is right up front. This is where the rest of the attraction spans from. You can choose to simply explore everything inside at leisure or investigate the mystery surrounding the Selig family.

We spent two hours inside and in that time we were able to see every room inside the museum. But just seeing every room was not quite enough. If you can spare the time, I would recommend spending a day here. Nearly everything inside is interactive. You are encouraged to push buttons and touch the walls and anything that glows (which is pretty much everything).

In our two hours inside we did not start the mystery story. The house itself was the most crowded part of the museum. It also happened to be where it was blatantly obvious that not everyone showers or wears deodorant. Don’t be that guy. But DO be the one that goes in every door and crawls through every portal. There is so much to see at Meow Wolf. Don’t forget to look up either! They have covered every inch of the place with something to wonder at. Push the buttons, feel the walls, and touch things. You never know what will make a noise or do something. :)

The Selig family house.
Black and white reality.
Glowy tree ally.
An ice box portal.
Inside of the ice caves.