Rock City, GA

2 minute read

Today we wanted to get outside so we ventured over to Rock City, Georgia. I had seen photos on Pinterest and it looked like a beautiful place to visit.

The place has a viewpoint over seven states, a waterfall, and beautiful rock formations that you walk through. I admit that before we drove up, I hadn’t done hardly any research of what we were getting ourselves into. I just saw the pictures and found out where it was and said ‘Yep - let’s go.’ I should have done my homework.

While Rock City was beautiful and it was neat to walk through all of the giant rocks and somewhat tight spaces (I love rocks), it was a tourist trap. It cost us $25 each to get in, and it was crowded even though it was a cloudy day and sprinkled on us. They had a section that looked set up for a fairy tale play that reminded me of Enchanted Forest in Oregon, though I’d say Enchanted Forest gives you considerably more bang for your buck.

Lover’s Leap was beautiful and you could see a huge amount of land from the view point. Overall I wouldn’t recommend going unless you had young children with you. We personally would have rather saved the money and gone hiking in a more remote area with less crowds.