Las Vegas Hotels

4 minute read

Since we were going to be in Vegas for at least a week, we decided to try out a couple hotels.

Tuscany Hotel & Casino

January 11 - 14, 2017

The Tuscany was moderately priced, and had huge rooms for the price. We booked a room with a single king bed, and the room was the size of a studio apartment. It included not only a sleeping area and large bathroom, but a small ‘kitchen’ area with mini-fridge, microwave, kitchen sink, and kitchen table and chairs. It also had a sitting area with couch and arm chair, and a dresser tv stand. The bathroom had both a standup stall shower and a bathtub, and the toilet was in a closed-door room separate from the sink and bath. For the couples out there, that alone makes the room worth it.

You can tell the hotel and rooms are older, but they were still quite nice. The casino was not crowded at all and quiet. There was a hotel bar we visit that had live music (performer of the night was ok…), and the staff were all nice. Biggest, maybe the only, downside, was the internet. Being software developers that work remotely and travel full time, a steady internet connection is important to us. The free wifi averages 1.5Mbps, or you can pay for wifi speeds of up to 5Mbps.

Hooters Hotel & Casino

January 14 - 18, 2017

Hooters was an experience for us. We originally booked for three nights, and ended up staying four to get some rest while sick. Our first two nights were in the Ocean View tower, and were not a great experience. In addition to constant construction noise during the day, any time we or a neighboring room used any water (toilet, sink, shower), the pipes in the wall shook and made a loud creaking noise. This made it difficult to sleep or relax. The noise got bad enough that after our second night, we spoke to the front desk and they moved us to the Bay View tower.

Both rooms were missing basic hotel amenities like a mini-fridge and microwave. Each had a Keurig for single-serving coffee, and in our first room (king bed), the Keurig was in the bathroom. I can honestly say I’ve never seen that before. The beds were hard and hurt my boyfriends back and made me feel like I had been in a fist fight after a couple nights. We had non-smoking rooms all four nights, but in our queen bed room in Bay View, you could smell fresh smoke in the entry way and bathroom.

Upon check-in, the lady at the front desk said that they had just renovated, but it doesn’t show much other than a recent paint job. The elevators are loud and shaky, and the entire hotel is rather outdated.

Plus side though - the food in the Hooters restaurant was delicious. :)