After A Couple Months - Part 1

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We’ve been on the road for a couple months in our RV. I found it valuable to read about people’s opinions and experiences about their vandwelling lifestyle. I thought I would cover some of the good and bad experiences we’ve had.

This is covered in three parts:

What’s it like every day?

The first thing we do in the morning is deflate the air mattress and fold the bed up into the wall. While the mattress is deflating we’ll get our bathroom visits out of the way. It takes about six minutes to deflate the air mattress. We leave the air mattress and a blanket on the bed and fold it up into the wall with the bed. There’s plenty of space and it hardly puts tension on the bed. The blanket also significantly cuts down on rattling while driving because the latches have a tiny bit of tension. Alex usually stows the pillows away while I hop in a shower.

Setting up for the shower requires a bit of prep. I’ll cover this in more detail later. I’m able to flip on the water heater a few seconds before entering the shower thanks to our new switch. The water is super hot by the time I get in (10 secs later). I love this feature!

We’re able to get approximately six comfortable showers out of 30 gallons. If we do not have an opportunity to go to Planet Fitness after a few days then Alex will wash her hair in the RV. I will call that two showers.

After we get cleaned up, I squeegee the shower and apply bleach if appropriate. We setup fans to remove moisture from the air. At this point, we’ll start discussing where we want to work for the day. Often we find ourselves headed towards Starbucks. Sometimes we sit in a parking lot. Sometimes we sit next to a river. I love being able to choose every day.

image-right Most work days are fairly long. The average day is a 8AM - 9PM. Sometimes its less but twelve hours is pretty common. If we cut out early we will some times go to the movies. Recently, we purchased a Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 with VR. Between World of Warcraft, Playstation VR, Plex, Netflix, and Nintendo we are usually busy spending time together watching movies or playing games in the evenings.

When it gets later in the week we try to make an effort to be close to a destination we hope to visit for the weekend. As I’m writing this, Alex is taking us to Charleston, SC. It’s 11:45PM. That’s our life! =)

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